FAL: development and growth

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The origins of FAL date back to 9th August 1915 as MCL in order to link up the Tyrrhenian coast with the Ionic coast. The first line was Bari-Matera with a lenght  of 76 km and years went by it was extended to 142 km. The second  one, opened between 1930 and 1934, was Altamura-Avigliano Lucania-Potenza.
In 1961, because of a serious accident caused by no-maintenance, the concession to MCL was revoked and so FCL was born.
In the ‘70s the development and improvement of road network, also due to the industrial enterprises, determined the division in FC and FAL, which became an independent society on 1st January 2001. Its railway network has three lines covering Puglia and Basilicata. The first is Bari-Altamura-Matera, the second Altamura-Avigliano Lucania and the third Avigliano città-Potenza.
We can surely help to bring our region closer to the rest of the world and vice versa, we can use ur money to build useful infrastructures such as the modernization of the railway systems upgrading it to the fast train trak so we may be able to bring foreigners to our region. We hope to offer more and more satisfying services such as regularity and punctuality, transport of disabled travellers, bicycles and animals.

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Edisud S.p.A., Piazza Moro 37, 70122 Bari, Cap. Soc. € 5.000.000,00 I.V. REA Bari n.192794 Iscr. Trib. Bari Reg. Soc. N. 12372 El. 1/81 P.I.e c.f. 02492480724

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