IMMIGRATION: from Ellis Island to Lesbo and Lampedusa

Ellis in the United States of America, Lesbo in Greece and Lampedusa in Italy are islands which have saved live, have welcomed desperate people to the new world and have given a new life and future perspectives to generations of migrants. They came to look for fortune. They came to procure a better life for themselves and most expecially for their offspring.  What a sacrifice! What a sacrifice to leave all  their belongings, all  their relatives, all their friends and acquaintances behind to look for a better life. It is heart breaking to detach from their world and their environment, their culture and their way of life and embrance another one, which is totally different and asymmetrically new. A world where they had to, they have to start everything all over the world.  People from the same country often live in the same area and create their own communities. For example Little Italy and Chinatown. Little Italy , as Chinatown too, is an area with dozens of Italian restaurants and shops.
The Ellis Island had made history: it is now converted to a museum.
Some of these immigrants have legal permits to enter – the Green Card –, but a lot don’t and their journeys to Europe are often perilous. But such is their desperation that they are prepared to take the risks in the hope of finding a new future in Europe, in the hope of trying and getting better. Some countries have shown little sympathy for the plight of these immigrants and have reacted harshly denying and restricting the access, but some have opened all doors, have shown a lot of enthusiasm and have received them heartily.

image lampedusa


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