Immigration is a phenomenon that has characterized people very much, influencing social and economic policy.      Lately this phenomenon is increased and we witnessed an increase of population, that is the people who start from the disadvantaged countries and head to more affluent countries.
This people arrive there with every available means facing endless travels and risking to die.
It’s difficult to think that the greater part of the world’s population are fighting hunger, are loading for an assured and lasting job on persecuted for political reasons; it’s sad to think that in the world there is lots of wars and misery.
The immigration is the only solution for men to survive in the reality. We are using to see people that refuse the immigrant and are racists towards these people.
In my opinion the racism was born for the ignorance, in fact people don’t understand the causes of immigration for the pursuit of salvation searching, of peace, researching to salve their lives, hoping in a new country not devasted by ethnic wars and conflicts.
Many years ago too Italians felt the need to move abroad because Italy was poor and the emigrations was the only solution: others states offered more prospectives. Immigration is positive for the extracomunitarians and negative for the countries that hosted them. Many of them have turned out to be clandestine. It is thought that international organized crime handles clandestinity and often immigrants are introduced into the countries just to be exploited as sources of new illicit profits, like prostitution, drugs, abusive work and thefts. In Italy we have many reception centers and inadequate laws to face up this difficult problem solution, I think it’s possible residence permit only for there have a job, a useful home and money to return home. Another could be sending aid to the needy countries to prevent thousands of people could leave their birthplace.
A civil country don’t marginalize who is different and don’t refuse to help who risks to die. All of us are human, equal and unique, we diversify only for ours ideals, opinions and beliefs.
In this world rather than united, we’re usually “all against everyone” and to hear more about hate and violence than love.
You shouldn’t be prejudiced, you should rejoice to the fact that, with different people, we might have cultural exchanges and we might do great things together with different minds.
I’d like to summarize all this with a phrase of William Faulkner:
“Live in the world of today and be against the uguagliance for reasons of race or color is like live in Alaska and be against the snow.”

IPSIA G. GIORGI, Potenza, Basilicata. 10 maggio 2017

Elefante Carmela


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