“LORD BYRON” Dear child

Bari, 20th november 2017

Dear child,

I don’t know your name,

I have no idea

about your aspect and face.

And neither do you,

but we’re brothers in truth.

Because we’re the sons

of the same world,

we watch the same stars

we’ve got two hearts,

we feel the same wind,

we’ve minds that think.

But although I’ve a family,

a house and love,

you’re on your own

in this unfair world,

you’re left to yourself

without any help.

But there’s one thing

I can be sure:

you’ll build

a brighter and better future.

You’ll defeat the poverty

if you believe in liberty

you’ll correct what’s wrong

with the power of hope.

You aren’t an object,

an animal or a thief,

you are a child

with emotions and rights.

Never stop dreaming,

never stop trying

because tomorrow

you can fly.

Let your voice be heard,

don’t be satisfied

for a piece of bread.

Show everyone your value

and look for love

if tomorrow

you want to be someone.

Laura Nitti 3^ F

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