Everyone ask me “Why?”,

I have no chance to see lights of sky.

That’s only a picht dark,

I must wear my bad mask.

I’m forced to work in these conditions,

there isn’t space for my personal ambitions.

Only  one  thing is so sure:

everything should  be an enormous  censure.

Put on a  smile or a simple goodbye,

is it so difficult to give it a try ?

Who knows how many kids have bene exploited ,

And a lot of men are so excited .

I also work if I’m so slow,

what they say I have to follow.

It’s not my fault if i’m here today,

if my life is just so gray.

Children have a life so cool,

I only can see the shape of the moon.

When they’ll bring me some bread or a ham,

I’ll finally be able to scream: Here I am!

Mi sono immedesimato in un bambino del Brasile, cercando di esprimere le emozioni che prova.

Marco Giangregorio 3^ F

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