“Lord Byron” #SID2018 eTwinning project “Surprising English” Hate Speech

Hate Speech is a real actual treat.  It’s is growing and spreading because of the social networks , it  hurts victims , shocks them and interferes with their  life with insults ,encouraging hate. The Internet is  seen as a way to keep in touch with other people far away from us, as friends or parents, but sometimes, you can run into unpleasant situations, it often happens because of missing respect and misunderstanding. There is often misunderstanding because everyone has different points of view, and based on what they see and what they read, they feel different emotions than the others. That’s because online you can’t use body language, voice tones and facial expression. To keep from offending other people, you should:

Help your friend online

Share videos or photos only to make your friends laugh

Make right choices online

Know what to do if something goes wrong

Take regular breaks from the Internet

Be sure of what you share before sharing it, and only share positively

Support the other people

Be kind and respectful

Ask for help.

You should keep in mind that the Internet is really dangerous, and everything that you do online might have consequences, that’s why you should:

Act online in the same way you would act in reality, say the same things that you would tell in person.

Don’t insult.

Stay quiet when you have to.

Be careful about the language that you use, because the words that you use define your way of thinking and the general idea of the person with whom you are interacting.

Listen before you speak because speaking without listening to anyone could make a lot of misunderstandings.

Let everyone discuss in a civil and kind way, without using bad language, offensive word and threats.

The No Hate Speech Movement is a campaign and an online platform against hate speeches composed of supporters from all the  world who express their opinion against hate speech, helping difficult people. The activists of this campaign think that it is an educative activity, and thanks to it they’ve learned the importance of their voices, and at the same time, they’ve said that they’re proud of being part of it.

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